What Can I Do During The COVID-19 Outbreak to Keep Me Entertained?

It’s Tuesday March 17 when I write this and as it stands events around the country are being postponed, we’re being told to avoid pubs and clubs and the country seems to be generally grinding to a halt.

So as I sit here in my flat instead of going to University due to the outbreak, here’s a list of five things I’m planning to do over the next few weeks and hopefully this can give you some inspiration if you’re bored and sick of watching Netflix!Hear me out on this one before you think I’m some kind of nerd who does nothing but work!

1. Get Ahead With My Work

Think about it, why not spend the time when you’d be moaning that you’re bored and sick of looking at a television screen to instead get ahead with the work you’ve been told to do so that when this virus is a thing of the past and the country gets back to normal, you have a lot less things to worry about.

For example, I’ve seen about five events I had planned between now and May postponed (not cancelled remember!) because of the COVID-19 outbreak, so why not use this now spare time to do the work you’d be doing later on?

Yes, maybe not everyone is in my position where you can get on with something, but at the end of the day, you can never stop learning and in Public Relations and Journalism at least, there’s always something you can be doing.

2. Get to Grips With Adobe

While I’ve been having a bit of a browse at potential jobs in the last few weeks, something that’s kept cropping up on applications is the requirement that you need to at least have a basic understanding of Photoshop and the Adobe suite in general.

This is something I’ll openly admit I need to work on, so surely now is no better time to get a grip of what’s seemingly a very complicated set of programmes. I’d much rather do this now than in six months’ time when I’m looking for a job in the industry, I want to work in.

This might what be what I’m doing, but if you’re a similar position to me at the minute where in the not so distant future you’ll be looking for a job, you could use this idea to your own advantage.

For example, if you’re considering to learn to drive, why not spend these few weeks educating yourself on the theory test? Passing that is essential before your practical test, so why not learn now?

Photoshop is a daunting prospect for me! Photo Credit: Janusz Jurek 

3. Do Something I Can Add To Everyday

Hopefully this makes sense (it does in my head anyway!), but over the next few weeks I want to build on something every day. I don’t just want to do it once, forget about it and not do it again. Instead I want to make sure that I want to get into something I can do a little bit of every day.

My idea? It’s nothing fancy or earth shattering but I’m going to pick an album from a band or artist I maybe like one or two songs of so far and listen to the whole thing. Then stick what I hear on my social media channels with my favourite song from the album and a very quick sentence or two describing what I like about it.

Yes it’s probably nothing to most people, but to me its something that keeps me entertained!

I’m planning to listen to a new album everyday. Good job we have Spotify!

4. Learn a Musical Instrument

Okay granted if you type into Google something along the lines of ‘I’m bored, what can I do?’ you’ll probably find one of the first things a website will tell you is to learn that musical instrument in the corner of your room that seems to have been sitting there for as long as you can remember.

In my case it’s a guitar. It looks lovely sitting in my student flat on it’s perfectly sitting stand but at the end of the day it’s a bit of an expensive musical instrument if I’m not going to play it!

One of my main interests away from sports and journalism in general is music that yes, you guessed it involves guitars, and it’s one of those things that I’ve said “oh yeah, I’ll do it another day”. So why don’t I give it a proper go for the next few weeks?

Besides, it’ll keep me entertained and might just keep me busy enough to not worry about the problems the world is facing right now.

I need to start learning how to play my guitar!

5. Keep Learning Even When I Don’t Think I Am

Again, this probably sounds a bit of a obvious one, but if you’re interested in something like I am with sports and the sports media in general, do things over the next few weeks that are linked to it.

For example, if you’re bored but have a favourite football team or in my case a favourite race series, watch some YouTube videos of seasons you weren’t following them or too young to remember what happened. This means you learn as you watch and it’s still something you’re really interested in and therefore you’re not even realising you’re doing it!  

It’s not just sports teams either where this works – pick a band you like and watch some of their demos and unreleased music (i.e. not on Spotify!) on for example YouTube and write a review of them for people to read. Maybe it’s just the music I like, but I’ve found various groups on Facebook of die-hard fans of these artists and I’m sure people would love to read the stuff you write.

So these are five things I’m planning to do as this pandemic continues to grip both the UK and the majority of the world too.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to think of some ways to spend your time in the next few weeks!

Have you got any ideas what you’re planning to do in the coming weeks? Let me know on Twitter @stevenbatey96.

P.S. Stay safe everyone and remember to wash your hands!

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